The Festival

VERSUS (filming a journey) is an international festival of documentaries about travelling

supported by the comune (town council) of San Salvatore Telesino with the contribution of  GAL Titerno.

The first edition of the festival intends not only to show the work of already well-known documentary film directors, but also wants to give space to young film-makers and independent shorts that examine rural territories and landscapes.
Versus is a project that is intended to remain in the various towns and communities in the area around the valley of the River Titerno and is directed and organised by Tabula Rasa eventi.



Some "free" notes about the festival "Versus" by the festivalís art director.

When I learnt about this complex and ambitious - some would say visionary - project, I immediately noticed the intriguing contrasting meanings inherent in the festivalís name - "VERSUS". I understood that this multiplicity of meaning was an underlying factor in the intention of the festival - at once explicit and implicit. "Versus", the Latin word means not only "towards", (towards a destination, a place, a person) but also "against", (therefore in opposition).
A strange co-existence of opposite meanings in a single word - contro/scontro, the way towards/ the way from, an encounter that is accompanied by doubt, by difference, by disagreement at times even by conflict, and yet at the same time always searching for the other, for somewhere else. In this way "versus" becomes an embrace in which we recognise ourselves and in which others recognise us in the perception not only of  otherness but of fellowship and community.
A journey that is sometimes the "coniuctio oppositorum" and is necessarily undertaken with a good dose of courage,  experienced in the labyrinths of what is different and manifold, and above all lived in full.

il nuovo cantiere del Versus festival

L'accoglienza dell'altro diventa esperienza reale e concreta al Versus festival

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