Filming life

"So that my journey can in some way favour peace"
(Saint Anselm of Aosta)

The making of a documentary on the travels of Saint Anselm is central to the telling of the stories that lay the foundations of cultures and reinterpret the meaning and value of history and its traces on contemporary man. In fact, the festival’s intention is to collect and document the "travels" of today’s generation that is looking for new paths, alternative ways to resist the alienation and loss of fixed reference points common in today’s world. The "journey" of the festival has been conceived as an experience of gaining knowledge in a way in conformity with a multi-disciplinary approach.
Documentaries represent a way of knowing and documenting, a way of investigation and research that manages to record movements and moments of the present as well as from the past. And documentaries can do this in a successful and expressive way thus opening up reality to an observational point-of-view that offers the eye new possibilities to explore and to understand.

from letter 19 to the nobleman Guglielmo
"…set off along the road that leads to celestial Jerusalem, which is a vision of peace and where you will find a treasure, which is, though, kept safely from rival hands. No holy war."

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